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They can to Write a Killer Essay

Do you want to write a killer essay? While at college, school or university, the teacher will certainly ask you to write essays that are both informative and useful. Some of the essays you might be asked to write are persuasive and narrative, while the others can be the compare and contrast essays. It is safe to say that you will have to spend a lot of time and energy to write an essay that speaks of itself about your brilliance and intelligence as a student. Even when you outsource the work to an essay writing company, you should at least be familiar with what type of content the essay needs to have in order to ensure your success.

It is a common observation that most of the students hand over their projects to essay writing companies and independent academic writers. Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee quality since they are more into writing for money, not for gaining the reputation in the writing industry. In such circumstances, you should choose to write the essay yourself to be assured of its quality and timely submission. Ideally, you can keep in mind the following things to ensure that the content of the essay is up to the mark and to leave a good impression on the teacher.

  1. Identify the topic

If you buy essay online, the chance is that you will be provided with something that is out of context or makes no sense. However, if you choose to write it yourself, you will surely be able to please the teacher and to score well. The first and most important tip is to identify the topic. If the teacher has not given you a clear topic, then you can find the one yourself. Please make sure that the topic you choose is as per your subject or course books. It should be something you can easily find data about and can cover without compromising on the quality.

  1. Spend a lot of time on research

Once the topic has been identified, the next step is to spend some time on research. According to MakeGoodEssay, students should devote two hours to research and one hour to writing. You need to dig deeper and collect data from multiple sources. Always remember that relying on a few sources is not the solution to any problem. Instead, you will have to use varying sources, especially the scholarly ones, in order to collect top notch and high quality information. Save this data on the Word file and a removable disk so that it can be used to write the essay while you are offline or away from your computer.


  1. Write the essay with honesty

One of the major mistakes students make is that they do not write true stories in their essays. What they do is that they simply follow the footsteps of the brilliant students of their class and choose to write fake stories. If you try custom paper writing services like MakeGoodEssay, you will get to know that they are honest with their papers and do not write low quality essays. It is what you need to do; whether the essay is lengthy or short, you always need to write it with honesty and sincerity, meaning no fake stories should be included in the essay to give it a good look.

  1. Write about something interesting

What is your area of interest? Which topic is your favorite? It is essential to write on a topic you find most interesting and impressive. For example, if you are a medical student, it may not be possible for you to write an engineering topic. Thus, you will be required to choose a topic from the relevant field, and then write the essay on it while taking care of the quality. You should always dig deeper and collect data that is relevant to your topic and makes sense to the reader or to the teacher. Write what you love the most and you will eventually become a good writer or be able to improve your writing skills as a student.

  1. Think from different angles

It is a must to think out of the box and cover the topic from varying angles. For example, if you are writing on the topic of the importance of televisions and you are in its favor, then you should also share the opinions of researchers or authors who are against it. The information that you take from outside sources needs to be cited and referenced properly. Doing so, you can make your point of view clear and tell the reader whether your argument is based on facts or not. The same concept can be used to write other kinds of papers.

  1. Make an outline

It is absolutely true that an outline can save your time and ease your work while ensuring quality. It does not matter what your topic of discussion is; you can always make an outline and mention all the important points in it. The outline should not be more than one page long and needs to have all the headings and subheadings you may like to include in your essay. It would be great to submit the outline to your teacher before you begin writing the essay. Once the teacher approves the outline, then it will be easy for you to begin writing the topic.

  1. Divide it into sections

One of the major mistakes students make is that they do not divide their essays into different sections. There is no restriction of how many paragraphs or headings an essay needs to have. You can divide it in as many paragraphs as possible. It is highly recommended that you write five to seven lines in every paragraph to make the essay look better and more professional. Another idea is to separate all of its sections with headings and subheadings so that the teacher can easily review the paper and can give your essay good scores depending on the quality of the content.

  1. Do not be overconfident

It does not matter if you are proficient in a particular subject, you will always have to buy paper online if you have no time. We suggest you write it yourself but do not be overconfident. It means you should always find the relevant sources and ensure that everything is paid utmost attention to. There is no need to use your mental capabilities because this trick can go wrong if you are asked to include some examples in the paper. For instance, if the teacher has asked you to insert some references, and you choose to write personal opinions thinking that you are always right, then you may have to suffer from losing your marks.

  1. Avoid biased comments or arguments

Most often, students share a lot of personal opinions in their essays, which is not a good thing. If your teacher has asked you to write a compare and contrast essay, then there is no need to share personal opinions. Instead, you should simply collect the information about the two things you are going to compare and then write what is based on facts. In such kinds of essays, biased comments and unnecessary arguments make no sense. If you include them in the paper, then you will end up losing your marks and leaving a bad impression on the teacher.

  1. Review it to know your mistakes

It’s now time to review the essay. For this, students often depend on tools like Grammarly and Ginger, which cannot be an alternative to personal editing and proofreading. It means you should not depend on those tools only for checking an essay. Instead, you should review it manually, edit it and carefully proofread to have an idea of your mistakes. You can use the track changes option of Word to keep a record of the mistakes you had made while writing the essay. It will help you avoid the same mistakes in the future and you will be able to improve your writing skills.

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