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Marketing, like best Job for graduating students

About 85% of marketing graduates work and/ or obtain a post-graduate course (AGCAS, 2017). With this high percentage, marketing students can be relieved that there is a certain path ahead of them. However, is earning a bachelor’s degree the sole requirement to place a college graduate to the best marketing jobs?  This is just a common ground among job seekers. Hence, with the tough competition marketing graduates must seriously consider the following points in presenting themselves.


Marketing evolves exponentially and if you can’t adapt to it, you will be left behind. Strive to learn every moment. Be a tech savvy. Internet access is already a basic human right; thus, you should be adept in utilizing it for marketing strategies from simple branding in social media up to creating your own virtual content. Additionally, research shows that millennials have a positive attitude towards mobile applications (Swieczak, 2017). So now is the time to familiarize in mobile app development. Moreover, as you get hired, it is inevitable to commit mistakes as it is your first time. Be humble to accept corrections from your colleagues as you can learned from it. Different marketing environments offer distinct experiences and perspectives. Being flexible will lead your way through.


Your cover letter and résumé should reflect your uniqueness to land in marketing jobs after college. It is unnecessary to include your numerous internships and extracurriculars that are irrelevant to the job. Your résumé should highlight your skills and passion that you can render to the company.

Establish connections

Marketing students should communicate themselves effectively to their audience. Nowadays, it is easy as there are several social media platforms for which you can establish your influence by writing your own content.